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01 January 1973 @ 01:01
friends only; comment to be added  
(Anonymous) on 3rd April 2011 08:38 (UTC)
You userpics.
It is S.F., Love. Your userpics KICK ASS! it is always difficult for me to take compliments, but I would like to extend my authentic gratitude and appreciation for your lovely and generous observations mated to your compliments. I am completely humbled. (You have no idea.)
The image of the man with his back to the reactor is quite appropriate. All that is missing are the red shoes.
(Remember? "How Beautiful Without Shoes"?)
I encourage you to investigate the "Creating a Wave of Compassion" space on "phuque book." (FB) Personally, I detest this mode of interconnectedness/communication, for my own reasons- however faulty. It is a time-suck, and I believe it creates an increased separation rather than a beingness that demonstrates existing in a space of love and compassion. Yet, I cannot deny it as a resource. (Please, call me an opportunist.) It is all about perspective. If you can multi-dimensionalize (sp?) anything to its most finite points, you may obtain a certain acute awareness and omnipotence upon the subject in question.
I believe you know this intuitively.
Thank you, once again, for your keen eye. Now, go help the Japanese.I have many friends there. The separation is only that which you create
I love you.

I work between 0100HRSAM and 0400HRSAM.(EST) I have three jobs, and "a bunch" of planned "knee-biters" for which to care. Life is absolutely beautiful! Keep up the great work.

Your kind are far and few between. Know this. I do.

S.F. (You know who I am.) www.avatarmuse.com Feel free to call any time, day or night. You do not have to give your name. The numbers are there. My greatest wish is that you experience true happiness always. I need no monetary compensation nor donation. I offer my services for free to those in need. Pass it on, man. No psychotherapy, no drugs- just pure Nirvana. Be here now.
beatlesfic on 21st July 2014 19:00 (UTC)
Re: You userpics.
Add me?
zellezelle_vs on 10th September 2011 00:09 (UTC)
I'd like to be added as friend. I'm back to LJ , I am checking again my entries and i saw your comment from time ago. sorry.
fatpie42fatpie42 on 14th January 2012 21:01 (UTC)
Ello! Am commenting because am interested in being friended. Rock on! :)
Malkhosmalkhos on 6th April 2012 04:42 (UTC)
If that picture is a sample of what you post, I'd sure like to see more.
Monika: soledadergotismus on 27th June 2012 20:37 (UTC)
I'd always like to follow more Livejournalers who've seen Possession. Let's be friends?
Whip-lash girlchild: Some Joseph looking for a mangerautochrome on 27th June 2012 22:57 (UTC)
Well, Christ, when one of the first things I see is that you enjoyed Why Does Herr R Run Amok?, who am I to deny fate?
uskotfanek on 17th February 2013 02:15 (UTC)
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жизнь прекрасна: pic#108394757unim on 7th April 2013 00:50 (UTC)
Hello, I d be glad to be added as a friend. thank you.